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Breastfeeding Support Quizzes

Try these short quizzes to help reinforce your knowledge of breastfeeding, learn how to overcome common challenges, and celebrate your success. You’ve got this!

Am I Making Enough Milk? Quiz

Check out this Milk Supply quiz to learn more about signs of a low milk supply and ways to maintain your milk supply while breastfeeding!

Setting Your Breastfeeding Goals Quiz

Check out this Setting Breastfeeding Goals quiz and celebrate you and your baby accomplishing your breastfeeding goals!

Planning for Your Delivery Quiz

Set yourself up for breastfeeding success starting on day one with these ideas for planning your delivery.

Understanding Baby Hunger Cues Quiz

Feeding your baby is important for their growth and development. Get a better understanding of your baby’s hunger cues with this quiz!

Breastfeeding Challenges Quiz

Some common breastfeeding challenges and tips to overcome them are reviewed in this quiz.

Friends and Family Support Quiz

Friends and family may not breastfeed, but they can still support a breastfeeding parent! Take this quiz for reminders about ways breastfeeding parents can get support from others.

Breastfeeding Benefits Quiz

You know that breastfeeding has benefits for baby (and mom!) so try this quiz to see how much you know!