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Expressing and Pumping Milk

Pumping and hand expression can be great tools for breastfeeding moms. Both help you provide milk for your baby when you are apart. They may also help with some breastfeeding challenges.

While feeding your baby from your breast is best, pumping and hand expressing milk can be helpful at times.

There's a lot to consider. You may need help figuring out how to make milk expression work for you. You may need to find a pump that's low cost and to learn how to use it. Once you've expressed milk, you may need to know how to store it safely.

Whether you're expressing milk to give your baby when you're away or for solving breastfeeding challenges, we have tips and tricks to help.

See how pumping can help you meet your breastfeeding goals!

Breastfeeding supplies

You don’t need any fancy equipment, but some things can make breastfeeding easier.

Know your rights to breastfeed in public and at work

Know your rights to breastfeed in public and at work.

Counselor speaking with a mother

Whether you’re just starting out or having challenges, WIC is there for you at every step.

Plugged Ducts Mastitis Thrush

There is help for plugged ducts and breast infections.

Engorgement Picture of Mom Kissing Babys Head

Learn what engorgement is—and how to treat it.

Low Milk Supply

Many moms worry about low milk supply, even though most make exactly what baby needs.

Talking to Your Employer About Pumping at Work

Get tips for talking with your employer about pumping at work

Using Bottles with a Breastfed Baby

Planning to be apart from baby? Find tips for feeding baby with expressed milk.

Finding a Breast Pump

Here are options for finding a breast pump at low cost.

Learning to Pump and Hand Express Milk

It may take practice, but soon you’ll be a pro at pumping and hand expression.

Storing and Thawing Breast Milk

To make being away from your baby easier, learn how to store and thaw breast milk—safely.

Making Milk Expression Work for You

Get tips and see how pumping can help solve your breastfeeding challenges.

Vide Still Mothers Milk Expression and Pumping

Real moms share how milk expression and pumping helped make breastfeeding easier.